At Arden University Students' Association, we are governed by our constitution, and by Arden University Students' Association Advisory Board, made up of external, university, and student members.

You can read through our consitution here.


Arden University Students' Association Advisory Board:

What is the purpose of the Advisory Board?

  • Reporting to the Academic Standards & Ethics Committee, the Students' Association Advisory Board is th strategic committee to support the development of the Association.
  • It had delegated powers to make proposed decisions or actions on the strategic development for the Association, provide input into service delivery and democratic principles development.
  • In addition, its purpose is to provide advisory support to enable the staff and representatives in the Association to gauge opinion and best suport delivering the needs of students.
  • The Advisory Board sits within the wider Arden University governance structure, and therefore must provide regular reporting items to the relevant committees.


Meet the Board members: