Hanna Kathrin Heidenreich

Student Member

Hanna Kathrin Heidenreich is a 23 year old distance learning student currently studying LLB (Hons) Law. She also volunteers time outside of her studies as a student representative for other Law students.

She is passionate about human rights and outside of being a university student she works for Amnesty international, UNO and Unicef. During this work, she has said that she realized that it is a privilege for most children and teenagers to experience a good education without disadvantages because of nationality, gender or even religion.

The aspect she values the most in her engagement as a member of the Arden University Students' Association Advsiory Board is helping to ensure that students' opinions and feedback is heard in decision-making at Arden. She is proud to take part in that work in order to make sure students' voices are heard.