5 Reasons why you should Vote for your AUSA Student President 24/25!

Voting in the Student President 24/25 Elections is now open! Here's some reasons why you should cast your vote now.

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The vote opens TODAY for your Arden University Student President 24/25! This is a time when all Arden students can utilise their voices to bring about changes to the university experience. Here are five reasons why you should vote:


  • Voting in the Student President 24/25 Election is the best way to make your voice heard with your university. Serving as the representational leader of the Students’ Association, the Student President plays a fundamental role in advocating for the needs of students, championing key challenges and providing a student-focused voice in various committees and with senior colleagues. They are here to listen to you, and to make your voice heard!


  • Voting is a great way to engage with the university community across all of our study centres and learning modes. It can bring you closer to your peers and help create a great atmosphere in which all students can thrive. Furthermore, if your friends or peers are standing for election, what better way do you have of supporting them than voting for them? 


  • While voting can enhance your own student experience, you can also help to improve the experience of students who enrol after your time at university has ended. Bringing about meaningful, transformative change can create a legacy that others can enjoy. Whether it is something small such as more waste disposal in centres, or life-changing financial aid, the Student’s Association is a force for positive change for generations of students. This can only happen with your vote!


  • Participating in the Election is a great way to engage in politics at a university level, no matter where or how you study. More than just a ceremonial title, Arden’s Students' Association’s President is a full-time salaried job with the university. The role is an opportunity to share experiences from yours’ and others’ time at Arden, to provide and promote new ideas, and represent the student voice to better the student experience. Use this opportunity to engage in student politics to familiarise yourself with politics you will experience later in life. 


  • Finally, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain in voting in the Student President 24/25 Elections. Voting takes minutes and is free. Your student voice is a powerful thing that can bring about change. Whether you want to bring about change for your own learning experience, improve study centre facilities or make changes to university policy, the easiest and most effective way you can do this is by voting. AUSA represents you, it is your association, your voice!


More information about the Student President 24/25 Elections can be found here! If you are confused by anything or have any questions, reach out to us on email studentvoice@ardenuniversity.ac.uk.